StrikeForce Games

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Defend your Fortress at all costs! The Stick men are attacking our Fortress, and each day will grow stronger and more powerful if you do not stop them!
We are the last hope. Failure to stop these men ends with immediate FAILURE. Please protect the fortress so they can not go further into our land! Survive 50 Days.

I don’t like to deal with Adds in games, so why should you have too?  This app has no Advertisements!

Version 2.2  has been released! with a bug fix!
fixing the java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions

Version 2.3 will have graphical changes fixes to other bugs and more fun!!

-Use your finger to tap or drag to shoot the little stick men. -Depending on the weapon you have, most of the automatic weopons are drag to shoot so you dont have to lift a finger, others are single shot only.

-Buy Gunman to shoot random targets for you
-Reapairmen will repair the fortress for you slowly when the health goes down.
-Wall upgrades increase the ammount of health you have
-Buy new guns for more fire power.
-Buy towers that automatically shoot targets for you with more OOMF than gunman

Also if the game is to hard remember to switch Between Easy, Normal and Hard on the main screen.
                                                 Coming soon EXO Soldier!